noun | cat·a·lyst | /'ka-t(e)list/
1.a substance that causes a chemical reaction to happen more quickly

2. a person or event that quickly causes change or action



You are the catalyst that
will change the world,
an ember ready to be set alight.


Is this you?
You want to set the world alight with your presence, your
passion, and your love.  You want to make a positive difference with your actions. 

You know you have world-changing potential— but you’re stuck
and you aren't seeing the results you know are possible.

You’re ready to clear your inner blocks. Ready to light up within. 
Ready to feel directed, more peaceful, and more joyful.

You have a HUGE vision, and you work 
hard — but you’re not seeing the results you know are possible.

You are ready to awaken to your highest self and to step into your purpose, 
but you don't know how.  
Be one of the amazing change-agents to join me at our exclusive private island
retreat for Catalyst Mexico,  January 19th-23rd, 2019.


Imagine you, lit up, on fire... long after retreat is over. 
Most retreats offer an experience: beautiful settings, great people, a sense of escape. 

But too often, the revelations gained are fleeting. 

As soon as we return to our everyday lives, the clarity we acquired is obscured by the blur of 
activity, obligations, stress, old patterns and fears, and limiting beliefs. 

If you have a busy life — with work, family, schedules, and other commitments — you know this: 
retreat life isn’t always real life. 

There's a reason for this, and it's simple: Spiritual highs or personal-development insights aren't the same as integrated, authentic transformation.  

Ideas and an experience aren't real growth.
So what are you really longing for? 
How about a full, rich, integrated retreat that offers:

     • deep-rooted transformation that shows up as clearly during a rush-hour commute as it 
         does in personal-development paradise

     • the chance to embody — and live as — the person you know you are meant to be.  

     • the spiritual and practical resources that allow you to be a lit-up powerhouse for visionary ideas. 

     • the conviction and freedom to finally proclaim a passionate YES to what inspires you and calls you forward.

     •  a roadmap to unleash your unique potential and to live as someone who is fully awake and fully alive

That's where Catalyst comes in. 


At Catalyst, your week in an awe-inspiring setting is just the beginning. 

Catalyst offers a pathway into long-term change for big thinkers, entrepreneurs, 
light-bringers, and world-changers. 

People who want to find the change they are seeking — so they can bring that forth into the world. 

People who are ready to dive deep, release inner blocks, trust their intuition, and become who they were destined to be.

People just like you.

Maybe you have a feeling this might be right for you.
I'm going to share more about what Catalyst will do for you, make sure to read on, but first... a little ‘hello’!

I’m Baji Grace, and I can’t wait to welcome you to your Catalyst Breakthrough Retreat. I host events around the world in spectacular locations handpicked to inspire, working with change-agents to clear and heal the blocks that hold them back from standing fully in their light. 

This is profound and beautiful work. 

But be warned: this is no yoga retreat where you do poses and go back to your same life. This is a carefully-created experienced designed to change you at all levels of body and soul. 

You came here to make a difference — that is what Catalyst helps you do. This is a retreat designed to enable profound transformation — change that you can carry out into the world. 

I'm not one of those spiritual teachers who is satisfied with spinning in the same patterns. This is personally important to me. The stakes are far too high for us to just talk and eat and then return to our old life. I believe you are here to have an impact — to spread light in a world that desperately needs it. 
Are you ready?
So, how do I help?
There are things I don’t do very well. I don’t run marathons (at least not yet, I keep planning to). I can’t play the violin (same). I’m clumsy and lose my keys constantly. 

But like each of you, I have my own unique gifts — something that moves through me but that is not about me; a co-creation, if you will. Light. 

Something that is more than I could ever be just on my own.

Something that I see as coming from God (source, the universe.)

Something that is here to be of service, to you. 

That's the reason I do this work. That's the reason I went on the journey I went on. 



How am I most able to serve?
I use my abilities — sometimes called mystical, sometimes shamanic, sometimes psychic, sometimes named an evolutionary ‘next step’, or 'awakened conciousness' (call it what you will, so long as it works!) to clear inner blocks to help awaken your real-world abilities, spiritual gifts and purpose. The results are powerful. 

In the field that is created at retreat, and with my work, transmissions come through to help facilitate your awakening, healing, and clearing. This isn't one modality, or one energetic frequency (for example, if you called me a Reiki practitioner, I would say that is one of thousands of beautiful frequencies, realities or beings I work and can use in service of your healing.) 

This is all possibilities — Light itself — converging to bring through whatever (and whomever) is most relevant to your healing and awakening. Our world needs you. There is help available to support you in standing in your brightest light, beyond self-imposed smallness and old stories and endless limiting patterns. 

And this is what you will access at retreat: You, holding the fiery center of your highest truth — and becoming the person you came here to be. 

You have the ability to change the world.  That is what Catalyst is in service of awakening. Your unique magic — brought to life. 

In the presence of a Catalyst, everything changes.
In sessions, I am able to quickly and intuitively pinpoint exactly what blocks you, and clear it. 

Human potential is far greater than we might believe. 

Something in you knows this. Maybe it's just a possibility in your mind, a hmmm..., maybe, of what you could be. Or maybe it is a full-blown understanding of a metaphysical reality and the power of human conciousness.  

Maybe you are open to the possiblity that help can come from beyond us — and that maybe, just maybe, your highest self is ready to come to life. 

I help with the emergence of your power in a variety of ways: through teaching, strategy and planning, in helping clear behavioural and thought patterns, and with my session work. I leverage what works, always knowing the outcome is your healing, personal expansion, and awakening to new, more powerful ways of being in the world. 

In sessions, I 'tap' into an abundant field of possibility, sometimes called the Akashic field, and meet and bring through whatever is most needed for your healing and awakening. It is profound, and the changes that we get are often staggering. Gifts often, miracles occur. I feel very blessed to be able to facilitate this work, and profoundly grateful. 



The sum of this is a retreat that acts as a spiritual catalyst with real-world results: this soul-level opening clears massive space for growth, expansion, and most importantly — action.

From spinning your wheels to catapulted toward your calling.

From fearful to trusting, grounded, and confident.

From clinging to open-handed and accepting.

From confusion to clarity. 

From burdened to liberated

You’ll hurtle forward onto your pathway, lit-up and excited about what’s to come. 

You’ll finally be free to go out into the world, ready to share and serve with the unique gifts that have been given to you.


Is Catalyst right for me?
If you are:

     • working and working but not seeing tangible results in your life.

     • or reading all the books, using all the motivational tools, attending all of the workshops, but still       
         bumping up against the same old patterns.

     • talking a lot about what you’re going to do ... but not actually doing it.

     • finally getting in motion only to encounter the same emotional and spiritual walls, over and over  
         and over again...
...These are all signs of unconscious blocks. This is what it looks like when your inner world is holding back your outer one.


When you master your inner game —
 you master your outer one.

Until you clear your personal blocks, it’s difficult, if not impossible — to awaken your potential. 

That's where Catalyst comes in. 
Ever feel like the life you want is JUST out of grasp?
Often we don’t even realize it, but our inner blocks are guiding us towards results that are the opposite of what we truly want. 

This can be incredibly painful and demoralizing — and it can waste years of your life, and thousands upon thousands of dollars as you try to figure out what's wrong. 

Catalyst is unique in the retreat world because...
It integrates work that is both highly energetic and highly practical. Our lives are not binary, so our spiritual and personal evolution shouldn’t be, either.
It optimizes the power of spiritual change and personal development by giving it real-life structure
 in your world.
In addition to being set in the most beautiful location on earth and coming with yoga, healthy food, and rest, Catalyst takes the regular retreat model and turns it on its head. Here, we won't just talk about change or do endless yoga poses — we'll experience energetic shifts, practical guidance, and walk away with an action plan designed to dramatically shift your life.
It clears unconscious blocks — the kind that are difficult to clear on your own via spiritual and energetic work.
Catalyst ensures lasting change, with work done at a soul level. You will continue to feel that energy, long after you get home. 
It supports your trajectory — we don’t just leave you hanging on a spiritual high. You’ll walk away with precise action steps, a pathway that you can implement over the next 6-9 months, plus tools and ongoing aid to help you through blocks that arise around everything from fear to procrastination. 


If you’ve been bumping up against the same limiting patterns for years, it’s time to attend Catalyst. 

If you haven't seen the change you want, and have tried everything — then Catalyst is for you. 
This is spiritual change-work perfectly coupled with planning and strategy for real-world practicalities, in an extraordinary setting. 

Mexico is a profoundly healing and magical place.  Xinalani, our retreat space, is unlike anything you have ever experienced. I first visited it years ago, and it's truly magical.

Nestled between lush jungle and emerald ocean, with four stunning yoga spaces, a temazcal (ancient sweat lodge), beach club, lounge bar, sand terrace, oceanfront spa, and a restaurant for yogis, this eco-retreat is a sanctuary of wellness and serenity. 

Your food will be an important part of retreat. Whether you are omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, we’ll make sure you’re well-nourished during your stay. The chef uses the highest quality local fruits and vegetables to create your meals, so you will leave feeling healthier than when you came. 


What You'll Get.
  •  Immerse yourself in personal transformation and awakening, and  accelerate your individual evolution and spiritual development

  •  Learn tips and tools to help you move through your blocks in the future

  •  Experience spiritual, mental and physical rejuvenation in a beautiful, spa-inspired setting

  •  Eat nourishing, healthy, and healing green organic food

  •  Meet remarkable people. Visionaries, entrepreneurs, healers, thought-leaders, and inspired souls - here to effect positive change in the world and develop friendships within a supportive tribe

  •  Listen to and interact with talented transformational speakers and teachers

  •  Get experiential sessions with Baji

  •  Gain connection to a deeper sense of your self and access source light, catalyzing transformation and healing

  •  Gather new understandings, insights, and ideas, and a freshly aligned view of yourself and the world

  •  Feel your body, mind, and spirit are liberated from the blocks that have been holding you back

  •  Attain clarity over your purpose and pathway and how to move quickly forward

  •  Receive energetic uploads and transferences which allow you to fully embody your potential

  •  Access deep, DNA-level change

  •  Co-create an action plan for the next stage of your life

  •  Attain clarity over your purpose and how to move quickly forward

  • Leave with strategies that will support you long after the retreat is over

What's Included
  •  Daily Catalyst Sessions with Baji
  •  Experiential one-on-one sessions with world-class teachers, from breathwork to yoga
  •  Daily guided meditations 
  •  All meals; beautiful nourishing and healthy food
  •  Stay in luxury accommodations: 7 days, 7 nights in a profoundly beautiful setting
  •  Airport transfers
  •  Special gifts and extras
  •  All taxes, fees, lodging, and daytime meals are included in the price 

What's Not Included
  • Airfare
  •  Your hotel stay before and after the retreat
  •  Additional transportation 
  •  Meals outside of what is listed

Duration & Details
  • 7 nights and 5 days on retreat, with one extra free day for exploration and travel around breath-taking Mexico
  •  A profoundly beautiful, spa-inspired setting. 3 sided, eco-friendly cliffside bungalows, with open-air sea views
  •  A nature-inspired and luxurious private island. Exclusive, yet safe and easily accessible — just a brief 15-minute boat ride from Puerto Vallarta will take us completely off the beaten track

Let's Get Started.
The investment of this life-changing retreat starts at $2795. Fast action yields powerful results.  This is an entire week, all-inclusive, at a very low rate — it's common to pay over $5000 for lodging and food alone when travelling to a destination like this one, and that doesn't include everything else we offer, from sessions to teaching to events. 

We’ve got very limited spaces for this event, and we expect it to sell out like our last event, so please, if you're interested in attending, register now. 
Exclusive Casita
All-Inclusive Retreat
With Plunge Pool & One King Bed
Only 4 Available!
Eco-Chic Suite
All-Inclusive Retreat
Only 12 Available!
Deluxe Room
All-Inclusive Retreat 
With Double Bed
2 Rooms Only!
Private Room
Shared Room (Couples)
Shared Room (Singles)
Private Room
Shared Room (Couples)

What airport to do I fly into?

Xinalani is only 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR). The 250-yard-wide private beach is accessible by a short boat ride. You will be picked up at the airport and whisked away to retreat and then dropped off again in Puerto Vallarta if you are staying, or taken to the airport if you are leaving right after retreat. 

When should I book my flights?

For boat transportation purposes, guests should book an arrival flight that lands no later than 4:00 PM and a departure flight that takes off no earlier than 11:00 AM.

Will getting to retreat be easy? I am concerned about logisitics.

We are here every step of the way.  All you have to do is to fly into the Puerto Vallarta Airport, and we'll take it from there. We meet you at the airport before whisking you away to your private island retreat. 

Here are some suggestions to create the best travel experience:

Make sure you drink lots of water and wear comfortable clothes for your flight. You'll be joining us by boat, so expect to get wet up to your knees when stepping off the boat and onto our beach. We suggest wearing shorts, sandals, and sunscreen. We also recommend safeguarding your cell phone and valuables in a waterproof dry bag.

Can I attend the retreat without getting a hotel?

We sometimes offer this option for Catalyst retreats, but in this case, because we are hosting the event on a private island, it is limited to on-site attendees only. 

What happens if I can’t attend a retreat I’ve paid for?

Don’t worry! If you are unable to attend, for any reason, you can transfer your spot to a following retreat, as long as you use it within the next two years, less $500.  (This amount goes towards reserving your room, and will have already been paid to the destination, and so is non-refundable for us). Other than that, we’ll simply transfer you to the next retreat of your choice. 

Is it okay for couples to attend? 

Absolutely, and we encourage it! We've had many couples attend Catalyst, and they report increased satisfaction, deeper levels of happiness, and a feeling of being 'on the same page' again. 

If you are signing up alone, that's wonderful. Leaps of faith rule. We will be here to welcome you and help you ease in to the experience, and you'll be amazed at all the wonderful people you will meet - and often become deeply connected with. 

What do I need to bring? 

When you reserve your spot, you’ll be sent information with all the juicy details that will get you from your front door to your retreat. Please see below for some handy packing suggestions too. 

Just kidding about the surfboard (unless you're bringing that after retreat). 

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

There are particular regions of Mexico that aren't safe, however this is like saying don't go to Seattle because something is happening in California. Mexico is a large country, and our retreat is in an extremely safe area.

Do I have to share a room? If I do, can I choose my roommate?

If you are a part of a couple, a friend or a family, we’ll place you in a shared room. If you didn’t note this in your purchase, make sure you let us know this by emailing 

Otherwise, we’ll assign you your roommate. 

We know it can be a little disconcerting not to know in advance who you are rooming with, but it’s also a part of the fun! We are intuitive about who will be a good fit — or trigger growth.

Our community is an amazing one, and we carefully assign rooms and spend a considerable amount of time making sure we feel people will be a good fit together. Bunking up with other retreat-goers is part of your expansion and community-building, and often leads to lifetime friendships. 

If you are signing up alone, yay to you! Leaps of faith rule. We will be here to welcome you and help you ease in, and you'll be amazed at all the amazing people you will meet — and often become deeply connected friends with. The people who attend Catalyst are truly amazing, luminous souls. 

Still not sure attending Catalyst is right for you? 

Email us at so we can set up a call to answer your questions so you can decide if Catalyst is right for you. We typically respond within 24-48 hours, sometimes sooner. We'll be happy to support you in the decision that is right for you. 

Still have questions? 

Email any additional questions to


Say yes!
Exclusive Casita
All-Inclusive Retreat
With Plunge Pool & One King Bed
Only 4 Available!
Eco-Chic Suite
All-Inclusive Retreat
Only 12 Available!
Deluxe Room
All-Inclusive Retreat 
With Double Bed
2 Rooms Only!
Private Room
Shared Room (Couples)
Shared Room (Singles)
Private Room
Shared Room (Couples)
Still Not Sure?
Email us at so we can set up a call to answer your questions and so you can ask your own to see if Catalyst is right for you. We typically respond within 24-48 hours, sometimes sooner. 


If you are ready to get unstuck, claim your divine purpose, expand exponentially and transform radically... Catalyst is for you.

So you can live the life you’ve imagined. And it might just be brighter than you ever dared hope. 

Change is possible. The world needs your light. 

But it requires action, and a decision that you are worthy of the change you seek. 

I invite you to take this journey, so you can see what is truly possible for you. I know you'll be amazed. 

All you need is the right Catalyst.

We’re going on an adventure together - into the far reaches of your soul, into the fullest expression of your potential - in the midst of a place bursting with color and energy and possibility.

I can't wait to see you in Mexico!