Self-Love is, at its core, a relationship: 
a deep, tender, back-and-forth connection 
with the Divine. 

Devotion is being that love, in action.

I want to know: 

What do you love?
And what do you hunger to love?

Most of us say we love certain things. And yet, in our daily lives, we often struggle to reflect that love. We live a "reactive" life — with our choices based in fear, instead of based on a foundation of love. 

Fear creates patterns that keep us at a distance from experiencing the fullness of Love. It shows up in behaviours that keep us judging ourselves. Blaming others. Stuck in old stories. Anxious about what's next. Always protecting ourselves and scared to take risks or surrender or be vulnerable. 

If any of this feels familiar, I want you to know: Love wants so much more for your life. 

This is a difficult but liberating truth: It is impossible to live your purpose or to have the life and relationships you desire when fear is your foundation.

Here is why it is liberating: When you understand that fear can never give you what you long for, you begin to seek something real, and you will wind up at Love's doorstep, knocking. And Love always answers. 

This is what we will be exploring at the Pure Devotion Retreat. We'll be working with the frequencies of Love — to shift, alter, and update your internal energetic structures to be magnetically drawn to what is liberating. To naturally create a life that is reflection of the divine. To call you into the highest expression of who-you-are — Love.

That's right: You are LOVE. It's the home you are meant to inhabit and live out of.
When you can wholly rest into this truth, you move 
into deep states of devotion: a holy, tender, and surrendered 
aspect of Love that opens you wide to life, to service, to Source.  

At the Pure Devotion retreat, you will experience 
the activated transmissions that will make this possible.  

Are you ready for a complete revolution of your mind, body and relationships?

Join Baji and her tribe at her annual retreat. 
This year, she is hosting it in Italy, October 19th-24th, 2018.

(Just a gentle reminder that Baji is now only doing one main annual retreat. 
Spaces are limited at this rare gathering with Baji, and each year we sell out. 
Book yours today so you don't miss this powerful, profound, intimate experience.) 
Working with Baji is more than just an energetic activation and beyond mindset work. It is more than just your body (you can find a great yoga retreat for that!). It is an access point to spiritual worlds, to transmissions that are meant to clear, to ease, and support you in your evolution. It is activated love. It is collective grace. 

You will have authentic insights. But you will have more than that. You will have clarity over your fear patterns, your withdrawals, your anger. We work at all levels of change. Your stuck parts will release themselves when you rest into the energy that we will form at retreat. 

You will know what devotion feels like. 

You will leave changed, brought back to life — fully activated for service, for grace, for connection, for action. You will know that some deep core aspect of you has been irrevocably altered. In the energy of love and devotion, you will find yourself. 

This is desire.

You want to set the world alight with your presence, your
passion, and your love.  You want to make a positive difference with your actions. 

This is falling in love.

You’re ready to fall in love, 
with yourself, with the world, with your partner, with who you truly are.

You want this love to extend out —
to your family & other relationships, to the work & the words you choose, 
to every sacred stranger you come in contact with. You want to feel more peaceful, and more joyful. 

You want to fall in love with yourself.
You want to open to your purpose, and live your life from a guided place of ease.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Here's why this retreat is different.
Spiritual highs or personal-development insights aren't the same as integrated, authentic, energetic transformation. They aren't changing you at all levels of self and soul. 

At Pure Devotion, the changes you will encounter after talks, transmissions, and session work are foundation-shifting. Ultimately, this is an experience of profound liberation. We will be calling in the energy of devotion — the highest state of unconditional love available to man. 

You get to find and answer the deep call of your Purpose.
You get to experience the deepest sense of love you have ever known, one that goes beyond limits. 
You get to release the vision of yourself as wounded, or broken, or unwhole. 
You get to move past your limiting views of yourself, your relationships, and how you show up for yourself and others. 
You get to be released from inner blocks, past wounding, old stories, fear and self-doubt — all the things that get in the way of living a life of love.

This is energy for your highest healing and transformation, guided through Baji and her work. 
We have all the retreat logistics and details below — but first, I want to say 'hello'!

Hi. I'm Baji Grace.
From the time I was young, I had a simple truth: I want to help. It was an inner knowing that drives many lightbringers. I answered the call — and it took me to places I could not have imagined. I grew up on a sailboat and travelled halfway around the world before I was five. I came to expect great adventure from life. 

As an adult, after struggling — and then finally letting go of struggling — to be 'normal,' I packed up all my belongings, all my ideas of who I was, and my 'plan', and I went on a solo journey around the world. I let myself explore. At one point, I spent 36 days alone on a fast in a wooden house  in Thailand. I opened my intution and stopped worrying about what others thought — and I let myself 'be'. I explored the insights that were coming through me. I spent up to 8 hours a day in meditation, connecting with metaphysical worlds, and learning to see myself beyond this limited body. 

Though I had no 'official' guide for this process, I learned to seek out and trust those guides that were within and around. I had daily metaphysical experiences — something that continues to this day.  The aloneness broke me open, but as solitude often does, it also helped me see how limitless I was. It taught me to look for love within. 

The amount of energy I hold took years to comfortably manage, and physically dropped me to my knees more times than I can remember. It was by far the most difficult thing I had ever done. Throughout everything, despite the pain and difficulty of the pathway I was on, something in me knew it was the right path. I trusted that knowing.  
Why do I do it? What is my cause? 
After years of this work, it now simply takes an intention to connect with a metaphyscial reality. I activate change at the highest level, which ripples down to transformation in this plane. As a guide and healer, I see myself as a mystical artist in service of your soul's highest calling. 

Some call it energy work, some call it channeling, some call it working with guides, mediumship, karmic clearing, shamanic activation, light language, mediumship, and more. Those, and more, are tools I use. I do not attach to one technique or modality. I try not to name it; this contains it. They are all accessible and come in if required. At retreat, I allow and conduct; I am with what is: each person experiences something unique, what is right for them at the time. And I intend, and work conciously, with what I know. 

But ultimately, along the way, I learned this too: this isn't about me. None of it is. There are many things more important. This is the knowing of a warrior going into battle: that there are some things worth fighting for. We are a part of the whole and we choose how we show up within that interconnectedness. 

I do it for love. 
You are that love in action. You are the reason I do this work.

This is a rich, immersive retreat that offers:
     • deep-rooted transformation that moves through all aspects of who you are, past, present and future

     • the chance to embody — and live asthe soul you know you are meant to be

     • transmissions from Source — all aspects of you met, witnessed, loved and released

     • the spiritual and practical resources that allow you to be a lit-up powerhouse for visionary ideas

     • the conviction and freedom to finally proclaim a passionate YES to what inspires you and calls you forward

     •  a roadmap to unleash your unique potential and to live as someone who is fully in love with your life

     •  a strong community with other bright spirits to help you in your journey

     • This is what opens the door to lasting transformation. Love is the energy of freedom.

Pure Devotion is a journey with Baji and our community — into a sacred space of trust, freedom, and Love for absolute personal transformation.
At Pure Devotion, your week in an awe-inspiring setting is just the beginning. 
What will occur at retreat?
Love is the foundation for rapid change. From a place of safety and peace, it is easy to craft the experience you want, to work from a place of vision and purpose instead of pain, reaction and fear. Too often, people are in lives that don't support their highest calling. They put up with things they should not, wear masks, and pound the pavement for things they don't actually want.

At Pure Devotion, you'll fall in love; with yourself, with your highest calling, with who you are meant to be. 

Baji calls through healing, awakening, clearing and ascension; whatever is most needed for you will appear.

With Baji's work,  transmissions come through which may help facilitate your awakening, and for this retreat, she will intentionally work with transmissions of love, light, and devotion. 

To help you fall in love. With yourself, with source conciousness, with ecstasy, with your purpose, with your partner, with your truest calling. To feel love at the deepest level is to be reborn.

This is all possibilities — Source itself — converging to bring through whatever (and whomever) is most relevant to your healing and awakening. 

This is what you will access at retreat: You, living in the true essence of yourself — knowing that your highest state of evolution is this: love. 

When the transmissions and the guiding come from the place (and/or the people) that are best suited to help you, then your healing — and your awakening — can come with amazing speed and clarity. Then you will build a life from that place, one that is rich in joy, love, and meaning. 

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

Special Bonus for lovers-of-life and action-takers. 
Early Bird Prices apply. Plus, the first 10 people to register also get a private VIP dinner with me! 

Early Bird Pricing 

One Time Payment
All-Inclusive Retreat with shared accommodations.
$2995 us
All-Inclusive Retreat  with private accommodations.
$3495 us 
Room + Private Immersion Experience with Baji
 One-on-one time with Baji after retreat! All-Inclusive private Immersion  Experience with Baji at a special rate if you reserve now. 
$8495 us 
Payment Plan
We want you to attend! We've made it possible with our payment plan. Just 12 monthly payments, and you're at retreat!
All-Inclusive Retreat with shared accommodations.

$299.50 us
x 12 payments
All-Inclusive Retreat  with private accommodations.

$349.50 us
x 12 payments
Room + Private Immersion with Baji 
All-Inclusive Retreat with a private Immersion Experience after retreat with Baji at a special rate if you reserve now. 

$849. 50 us
x 12 payments

Is Pure Devotion right for me? 
If you are ready...

     •  to feel and access new states of love — self-love, love for your partner, your relationships

     • to access consciousness in its highest form, through transmissions and teachings

     • to create your life from a new place of purpose and inner freedom

     • to activate your highest calling 

     • to experience time away to reflect, renew yourself and connect with others on the same pathway

     • to step into the next stage of your life from a brand new foundation, a revolution in your mind, body and soul...

...then this is the perfect time to say yes.

At retreat, you'll go from ... 

• Understanding what has blocked you before now: a lack of love. 

• Fear-based thinking to trusting, peaceful, and confident.

• Clinging to open-handed and accepting, 

• From scarcity to abundance.

• Confusion to clarity. 

• Burdened to liberated. 

• Fear to love.

You’ll launch forward onto your pathway, lit-up and excited about what’s to come, moving from a foundation of service and your highest calling. 

You’ll be free to go out into the world, ready to share and serve with the unique gifts that have been given to you, acting from a place of love, faith, and service. 

You'll receive special welcoming gifts from Baji. They'll include...

     • a dedicated journal

     • wellness products

     • special activated jewelry

     • other treats and extras

     • a personalized note from Baji with a direct message coming from Source, just for you ...

and more ...

When you are love, act as love and flow with love —
the world meets you there, 
and the life you imagine becomes possible. 

What's Included
  •  Daily Activation Sessions with Baji
  •  Daily guided meditations
  •  Daily Yoga
  •  All meals — beautiful, nourishing, and healthy food
  •  Stay in luxury accommodations: 6 days, 5 nights in a profoundly beautiful setting
  •  Airport transfers
  •  All taxes, fees, lodging, and daytime meals are included in the price 
  • Space to process, rest and reclaim your inner guidance and truth
  •  Special gifts from Baji

What's Not Included
  • Airfare
  •  Your hotel stay before and after the retreat
  •  Additional transportation 
  •  Meals outside of what is listed
This is spiritual change-work perfectly coupled with planning and strategy for real-world practicalities, in an extraordinary setting. 

Your food will be an important part of retreat. Whether you are omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, we’ll make sure you’re well-nourished during your stay. The chef uses the highest quality local fruits and vegetables to create your meals, so you will leave feeling healthier than when you came. 

Daily Schedule
Part of the magic of the experience is a surrender to the process. Baji will co-create and move the schedule as she is inspired and based on what is in the collective field, but here are some general guidelines for our time together. 

Friday, October 19th

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm — Arrivals, Sign In and Unpacking
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm — Introduction and Retreat Details
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm — Welcome Teaching Session with Baji and Collective Intention Setting. Opening of Retreat. 
Saturday, October 20th - October 23rd

7:30 am to 9:00 am  — Breakfast (buffet, optional arrival time)
9:00 am - 10:00 am  — Yoga (Optional)
10:00 pm – 11:30  — Session 1:  Silent Meditation/Transmission With Baji
11:30 am - 12:00 Journalling, solo time and silent reflection
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm — Lunch
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm — Session 2:  Topic-Inspired Teaching Session/Channelled Teaching
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm — Session 3:  Topic Workshop, Teaching with Baji/Experiential Session with presenter/Exercises (group & individual assignments)
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm — Integration, break, shopping
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm — Dinner + Break
8:00 pm – 9:30 pm — Session 4: Q&A Session, Evening Event

Wednesday, October 24th

7:30 am to 9:00 am — Breakfast  (buffet, optional arrival time)
9:00 am - 10:00 am — Yoga (Optional)
10:00 pm – 12:30 pm — Session 1: Silent Meditation/Transmission with Baji
11:30 am - 12:00 Journalling, solo time and silent reflection
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm  — Lunch
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm — Session 2: Topic-Inspired Teaching Session/ Q and A Session 
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm — Final Activation session with Baji and Closing of Retreat

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world — above, below, and across — unhindered, without ill will, without enmity.” 

Gautama Buddha

Let's Get Started.
The investment of this life-changing retreat starts at only $299.50. Fast action yields powerful results.  

This event happens only once a year. We’ve got very limited spaces for this event, and we expect it to sell out like our last event, so please, if you're interested in attending, register now. 

Early Bird Pricing 
Early Bird Pricing Applies from July 19  to August 19th, 2018. After that, prices go up, so don't delay! 
One-Time Payment
Shared Accommodations

All-Inclusive Retreat with shared accommodations.

$2995 us
one time payment

All-Inclusive Retreat  with private accommodations.

$3495 us 
one time payment
Room + Private Immersion with Baji
All-Inclusive Retreat with a private Immersion Experience after retreat with Baji at a special rate if you reserve now. 

$8495 us 
one time payment
Payment Plan
We want you to attend! We've made it possible with our payment plan.
Shared Accommodations
All-Inclusive Retreat with shared accommodations.

$299.50 us
x 12 payments
All-Inclusive Retreat  with private accommodations.

$349.50 us
x 12 payments
Room + Private Immersion with Baji
All-Inclusive Retreat with a private Immersion Experience after retreat with Baji at a special rate if you reserve now. 

$849. 50 us
x 12 payments

Do I need to be religious to attend? 

Absolutely not. We do not ascribe to one religion or meaning. This is your personal awakening. 

I do not believe in God. Is that a problem? 

Not at all. You can name it 'the universe/source/higher consciousness, higher brain, purpose, or the deity of your choice. 

Will getting to retreat be easy? I am concerned about logistics.

We are here every step of the way.  We'll provide very clear directions to our retreat centre, and be there to assist you in getting to the retreat centre. You will be flying into Florence; we release our  exact retreat destination closer to the date. 

Here are some suggestions to create the best travel experience:

Make sure you drink lots of water and wear comfortable clothes for your flight. Plan to spend a day or two in Italy before retreat, so that you can adjust to the time zone. 

What happens if I can’t attend a retreat I’ve paid for?

Don’t worry! If you are unable to attend, for any reason, you can transfer your spot to a following retreat, as long as you use it within the next two years, less $500.  (This amount goes towards reserving your room, and will have already been paid to the destination, and so is non-refundable for us). Other than that, we’ll simply transfer you to the next retreat of your choice.  We do not transfer tickets. 

Is it okay for couples to attend? 

Absolutely, and we encourage it! We've had many couples attend Retreat, and they report increased satisfaction, deeper levels of happiness, and a feeling of being 'on the same page' again. 

If you are signing up alone, that's wonderful. We will be here to welcome you and help you ease in to the experience, and you'll be amazed at all the wonderful people you will meet - and often become deeply connected with. 

What do I need to bring? 

When you reserve your spot, you’ll be sent information with all the details that will get you from your front door to your retreat. Please see below for some handy packing suggestions too. 

Just kidding about the surfboard (unless you're bringing that after retreat). 

Do I have to share a room? If I do, can I choose my roommate?

If you are a part of a couple, a friend or a family, we’ll place you in a shared room. If you didn’t note this in your purchase, make sure you let us know this by emailing 

Otherwise, we’ll assign you your roommate. 

We know it can be a little disconcerting not to know in advance who you are rooming with, but it’s also a part of the fun! We are intuitive about who will be a good fit — or trigger growth.

Our community is an amazing one, and we carefully assign rooms and spend a considerable amount of time making sure we feel people will be a good fit together. Bunking up with other retreat-goers is part of your expansion and community-building, and often leads to lifetime friendships. 

If you are signing up alone, fantastic! We will be here to welcome you and help you ease in, and you'll be amazed at all the amazing people you will meet — and often become deeply connected friends with. The people who attend Baji Grace events are light, luminous souls, and you will be welcomed. 

Still not sure attending retreat is right for you? 

Email us at so we can set up a call to answer your questions so we can help you decide if  this retreat is right for you. We typically respond within 24-48 hours, sometimes sooner. We'll be happy to support you in the decision that is right for you.

All of you — head, heart, spirit, body — is calling out. 
Not just to be loved, but also to BE LOVE. 
Now is the time to say yes to this extraordinary retreat and this opportunity to return to the truth of who you are. Pure Devotion opens you to a vast interior  geography: an infinite capacity to take in, embody, and emanate Love. Join an amazing tribe of like souls in gorgeous Italy — we'll see you in October!